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"If Ho Baron was a god, he'd be the god of fun. Our way, then, of being duly worshipful would be to plant our feet, eyes wide open, firmly on the path of delight. Baron's works manage simultaneous playfulness and masterful construction. Mercifully, they are never cute. Baron creates awesome bronzes that copy no one's. I've watched them enchant art cognoscenti, small children, and the in-betweens, as they gaze in awe at his “Free Thinker,” who stands almighty in our museum. How many eyes are hidden in that giant bronze, a massive web-footed sea creature? Being all-seeing as is its maker, there are far too many to count! This book is pure Ho-friendly Bible. Pun unintended!) You start a future cult, sign me up!"

Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, Founder/Director American Visionary Art Museum

"At a time when the lines of Contemporary Art have become blurred and can no longer be distinguished by geographic region, international styles or universal artistic philosophy, Ho Baron's work offers us clear, emphatic statements from the heart. Individual in direction, fixed in vision, Baron brings to the world of art a new surreal reality, fresh in its subject, refined in its statement, and sophisticated in its message. His work is at once stylistically lyrical and poetic, while bold and daring in its use of materials and perspective. Baron's contributions to the litany of post-modern expressions set a new direction in art to contemplate and study."

Dr. Michael A. Tomor, Director, El Paso Museum of Art

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