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Gods for Future Religions: Surreal Sculpture. 2012

With tongue firmly in cheek, and literally poking out in many of his sculptures, Ho Baron's bronze and stone cast sculptures are his idols, icons, demons and spirits, with him the trickster creator. Spiritual and surreal, Baron's work ... describes a theory of the universe, incorporating the Jungian 'universal creative unconscious'. The book is thoughtful and enjoyable, providing an overview of his work to date and an insight into his visionary perspective of spirituality and existence; gargoyles, Giger and Giacometti lurk in the peripheries. N.E.

Raw Vision, Vol. 78, Spring 2013, pg. 69.

Part monograph, part manifesto Baron’s ... book presents an overview of his life’s work creating “embellished fantasy images.” ... His pieces appear as if they were discovered among the ruins of some Mesoamerican tribe theorized to have communicated with extraterrestrial beings ... Influenced by Jungian archetypes and the writings of Joseph Campbell and Herman Hesse, the accompanying text has an energy that parallels the intensity of his art and the unique mythological universe in which it orbits ... H.R. Giger meets Keith Haring, illuminated by the artist’s engaging insight.

Kirkus Review, Oct. 18th, 2012.

El Paso: A Hoverview. 1981

59 Illustrated Works

Eastward Ho Productions, 1'st Edition

This unique photo book is a portfolio of pen and ink images drawn directly on high contrast, black and white pictures of city and landscapes. The imagery is a ground-breaking multimedia experiment that provides a humorous visual experience.


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