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2830 Aurora
El Paso, TX 79930
Tel (915) 562-7820

Upcoming Events:

Ho’s Sculpture Garden is open free to the public. It is located at his residence at 2830 Aurora @ Piedras, El Paso, TX 79930. The garden is visible from Piedras at all hours, and daytime visitors can walk into the garden. The garden contains ten of his unique, life-size figurative, surreal sculptures of cast stone and bronze.


Surreal Sculptures by Ho Baron

Ho's sculpture garden of 12 public art works - 2830 Aurora, El Paso, Texas

Inventing abstract figurative imagery is my calling, and for fifty years I’ve been obsessed with creating surreal narrative bronze and cast stone sculptures, pen and ink drawings, photographs, and most recently assemblages. My joy is in creating whimsical, anthropomorphic creatures that lend themselves to scenario.

My art is archetypal, exemplifying Karl Jung's theory of the universal creative unconscious. I model my sculptural imagery intuitively, the forms only dictated by their armatures, instinctually creating motifs that reflect my own unique and personal style.

The “Sculptures and Drawings Colorized” section of this website presents my sculpture, photography, and pen and ink drawings digitally colorized. With digitalization, I take my surreal imagery a step further into otherworldly dimensions.

Recently my passion turned to sculptural assemblages. I’m uniting doll parts with locally sourced tree roots. Dolls are models of us, and the whirls and limbs of tree roots are reminiscent of human lines and appendages. Symbolically, the aesthetic merging is a logical union since we, like trees, are organic and share the cycle of life.

Finally, in my book, Gods for Future Religions, I present my sculpture as a narrative/visual collection in a Jungian parable with each sculpture playing a starring archetypal role.

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